Selina was appointed as Head of dance and was quickly promoted to Head of Creative Arts running a team of seven teachers. She had good relationships with staff they felt that she supported them and helped them to develop their own practice. She has excellent communication skills which could be seen in all areas of her work.  


As a teacher Selina was able to create an environment where positive learning took place in a calm well disciplined environment. Students gave her respect because she earnt it by giving them clear boundaries, developing their self esteem, teaching that they could do anything they wanted to do and therefore, motivating them.  It was always lovely to go into her lessons and see students of all abilities taking part in dance lesson, it is no mean feat to get teenage boys to dance.


Selina worked with various dance companies including The Royal Ballet where she worked with a professional dancer to choreograph a piece that was then performed at the Royal Albert Hall. This was approached with the professionalism that she showed in all of her work. In school she was able to lead a team of teachers and put on the annual school production, Christmas concert and dance shows. Her work was always to a high standard and she could get amazing things out of the students.


It was not an easy school to work in, but Selina took difficult children in her stride and always got the best out of them due to her positive approach.


Gillian Ward (assistant head teacher in a secondarey school)

As a previous employer to Selina in the capacity of her headteacher in a large secondary school I am able to comment on her professional skills and attributes. Selina is an experienced educationalist and has an outstanding understanding of the ways in which young people learn. She has worked with children from a variety of different ages and backgrounds. She also has outstanding skills in enabling young people to learn regardless of any personal barriers which they may have. Selina uses a variety of approaches and is expert in managing student behaviour and engagement for learning. She is adaptable and has the ability to assess the needs of students accurately and put in place teaching approaches to ensure excellent outcomes for students .Selina is always professional in her approach and is an excellent role model in education. I would recommend her for any teaching positions and as a an experienced manager any situation where she has to lead a team of practitioners. As a professional she is outstanding.

Andrew Barker

Consultant Senior Leader