SQUAD - 2020 competition dates added to SQUAD page


Closure dates

 19th December Closed due to Recreational Competition


April 2020

Closed from  8th till 14th 

Re open on the 15th


May 2020

Closed May the 8th

Closed May 25th 


August 2020

Closed from the 10th - 16th 

re opens on the 17th

Closed from the 25th - 31st 

re opens on the 1st Sept

Club display Sunday 28th June 2019 

at St Bedes School.

All members are welcome to participate. 

(Times tbc and further details to follow for our club members. We hope that as many as possible can participate as its a great day and the younger budding gymnasts get to watch the squad and coaches perform.)

(Non members are welcome to attend to watch our fantastic show!!)

Sovereign Gymnastics Closure: You can now freeze your April payments if you are struggling


Hello to all,


As I mentioned a few days ago we would be in touch with any changes as and when we could.


We have been working hard to try and limit the damage this closure is causing and I am delighted to announce that after a very anxious few days in discussion with our landlord, they have very very kindly offered to pause our rent for the building whist we are shut. This, partnered with HM Govt assistance with paying staff wages means we have been able to considerably cut our overheads whilst closed and as such advise that if you are struggling to find the money and would prefer not to use our catch up hours system then you can freeze your standing order with immediate effect. Please don't cancel them or the bank will advise us and you will automatically drop on to the bottom of a waiting list - that's an automated process so if you want to come back then please just pause your payments. It will save administration time too rather than having to issue new ref codes and bank details. Any payments or contributions made towards the bills will be used as credit towards catch up sessions.


We will post online tasks to our facebook and Instagram pages. Please ensure you follow these should you wish to view our online tasks so that we can keep our members involved as best as we can whilst we have this closure break. Please bear in mind that a disclaimer will be attached to anything posted.


Thanks again to all for your continued support. We still have to pay for insurances and facilities bills etc but thankfully not the chasm it was looking like a few days back.


Best Wishes to all and above all else stay safe and adhere to all the medical advice and we will be back before we know it


Selina Adams

Head Coach and Manager

BA hons with QTS


In reaction to the latest government advice we wanted to update you on plans for the gym to mitigate the risk for infection.


As quoted by the authorities, the closing of child focussed facilities like schools is not currently seen as a beneficial move in fighting the spread of the disease. We will continue to run a normal schedule of classes until otherwise advised.


Children are at a lower risk of infection it appears but no one is immune so we have introduced a fastidious regimen of constant cleaning with anti bacterial products and are applying government advice on hand cleaning and physical distance within the class environment where possible.


In respect of parents picking children up we are bringing in a new system where we ask you to wait by your car and a gym coach will bring your child out to you. This will limit any social contact adults will be exposed to.


We continue to constantly appraise the situation and will inform


On the back of fielding a few calls I wanted to take a more personal approach to help with your anxieties of Covid19 planning at Sovereign.

We are continuing to follow the Government’s  guidelines and directions with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak and British Gymnastics Coronavirus Updates (latest 16/3/20 at 17:45).  British Gymnastics has confirmed that, apart from National Events, all other British Gymnastics activities continue as usual therefore we are operating normally but with much heightened hygiene procedures. As we have already informed - we have bought in a fastidious cleaning regimen with antibacterial chemicals and wipes and introduced a rigid hand cleaning approach as well as personal delivery of children at pickup. Please drop your children to a coach at the main door when dropping off and only come in to reception if you really need to speak with a coach. It is just a common sense approach.

On top of that, all coaches are now wearing gloves for any contact with your children. Spacing in classes has been increased and we have asked all coaches to temperature check BEFORE coming to work. 

If we are instructed to close the Club for a short duration, we will arrange for make-up classes once we are allowed to open again to ensure you receive the tuition included in your monthly fees. We can adjust our timetable to make that work. We also normally close for a couple of weeks in August so that would offer another opportunity to do training workshops as a catch up. This may change of course but at the moment, we are not planning to suspend monthly payments if forced to close for a short time.

It is suggested currently that any potential closure, if instructed by the Government, will be of a short duration.

Your children’s safety is our only concern. We of course don’t want anyone to leave but understand some may have potential financial pressures - they are the same as ours, our rent and bills still need to be paid- open or not. 

If you make a decision to leave we will do our best to welcome you back when the virus abates and waiting lists allow - we cannot afford to simply freeze memberships I am afraid. My worry of course is that if we have high levels of cancellation then we have to face the spectre of there not being a gym to come back to. Touch wood we will make it through this.

I hope that’s helpful and informative and rather than these ‘corporate’ responses we wanted to talk to you with honesty and humility - very much in line with how we run the gym.

Thank you so much for your cooperation at this uncertain time. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions but this is just to let you know we will continue to keep your children safe as we can as they learn our wonderful sport.



2013-12-06 18.57.15.jpg
2013-12-06 18.57.15.jpg


The Elite Acrobatic Squad

Over the last 12 years Sovereign has established itself as one of the most successful Sports Acrobatics Clubs in the South of England. Head Coach Selina Adams has been a British Champion no less than 6 times and has represented Great Britain as part of the GB Gymnastics Team. We have umerous Regional titles and have competed at National Level the last 6 years running.





Please be aware that each unit has allocated parking and visitors are not permitted to park in any one elses bays without permission. The bays

allocated to Sovereign are in the

red boxes as shown to the right.

We have 7 marked parking bays

and 2 large tarmac areas for our

members to park in.

Under no circumstance

can anyone park in the YELLOW or

GREEN area. You are at risk of your car

being removed if you do so.

Many Thanks, Sovereign.