Terms and conditions




Please read carefully

ARRIVING; Please change in the changing area leaving your kit neatly and tidy. Please then line up outside in the corridor with your parent/ guardian until the coach invites you in to start your class.

HOME TIME; Once the coach has dismissed your class, please exit through the changing area making sure that you have all of your belongings and any letters you may have. Parents/ Guardian must be at the changing area door & ready to collect your child.

SPEAKING TO THE COACHES; If you wish to speak to the coaches we ask that you email or call so that other classes can start promptly. Emailing any questions will reduce disruptions to the change over of classes. sovereigngymnastics@yahoo.co.uk


  1. All members must complete the British Gymnastics membership form and return it.

  2. All members must arrive in suitable clothing for their lesson. The uniform leotard is required and can be worn with shorts or leggings. Jeans must not be worn. Long hair must be tied up preferable in a bun (squad members must attend with a bun)

  3. Fees are paid in full at the beginning of each term (every month) late payment will result in a late charge and could result in your space being offered to new members. We ask that standing orders are set up for the 28th of each month so that payments are received before the new month begins

  4. A terms notice MUST be given if a member decides to leave (A minimum of 1 full calendar months notice)

  5. Sovereign gymnastics & Trampolining club is NOT responsible for members being dropped off early or collected late. Please stay with your child until their class has started and ensure you are present before the end of the class. You will be charged for every 10 mins your child is late being collected, unless you have informed in advanced why you have been detained.

  6. If sessions have to be cancelled due to conditions out of our control ie weather/ snow days then a refund will not be given. We also cannot guarantee that catch up sessions will be arranged due to classes being full.

  7. The changing space must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

  8. No cameras/ videos are permitted to be used unless you are an authorised person for the club.

  9. Mobile phones are not to be used in the gymnasium. The class coach is the only person who will have access to a mobile phone. Mobile phones and other valuables are brought to the gymnasium at your own risk. The club are Not responsible for any lose or damage that may occur whilst these objects are on the club’s premises.

  10. Any disruptive, rudeness or misbehaviour will result in the gymnast being sent home; depending on the severity of the incident may not be allowed to return.

  11. Bullying in or outside the gymnasium is not permitted and will have serious consequences if found out.

  12. Any child welfare concerns must be reported directly to the clubs welfare officer (details are displayed on the notice board)



  • All members email addresses and emergency contact numbers will be kept on file as a point of contact should we need to use it. These will be removed from our files if your payments are up to date and if you have informed the administration team of leave of notice. If your notice period has not been paid for or if any other payments are outstanding then this will be listed as an outstanding debt owed to the club so contact details maybe be held until the bill is paid in full.

  • Emergency contact numbers will no longer be displayed on registers nor will surnames. These will now be filed and stored as a paper format in a lockable cupboard and will be updated every month according to who is a member of the club for that month. Coaches do not have access to the stored electronic details.

  • Newsletters which are emailed out are a good form of communication to our parents. These newsletters will not be sent to anyone who has opted out of this communication process or who are no longer registered members of our club. Please note if you have not emailed our administration team to give notice should you wish to cease your membership then we may assume you are still members.

  • Further communication to parents may also be listed on our club Facebook posts. If you have chosen to follow our page you will see these updates. If you have ceased your membership with our club and no longer wish to see these posts it will be your responsibility to unfollow our page.

  • CCTV is running within our premises so that parents can use these as a form of spectating whilst classes are in process. The CCTV is also for protection and welfare purposes. These footages will not be used at any point for publicity purposes and will not be shared.

  • Whats app maybe used by some coaches as a form of communication with their classes (Not all coaches choose to use this form of communication). You will not be added to these messaging groups unless you request to do so. This request must be sent via email to our administration team and cannot be requested verbally or by a third party. If you choose to give notice from the club or your child changes a class then you will be required to remove yourself from the class whats app of communication. Coaches will update the whats app message links as soon as they are aware if a member is no longer in that class but this can be delayed. An immediate effect of removal will be required from the parent(s)/ Individual who has requested to join the class communication group. If you are no longer a member of the club or do not need to correspond with the class coach then the coach who created the chat on the club mobile will delete your contact details from the club mobile phone book.

Please note that no member on the class chat including the class coach should be messaged personally outside of the class chat. You can send private one to one messages via the club mobile number (07834189473) or email in to the club email address (sovereigngymnastics@yahoo.co.uk). Anyone discovered doing this will be removed from the class communication link and could result in your membership to the club being terminated. Only the club mobile should be saved in your mobile contacts.

Should any of these rules be broken Sovereign Gymnastics & Trampolining have the right to ban the member from the club without a refund.

Gymnastics and Trampolining are impact landing sports that are high risk so injuries may occur. The rules and lesson management structure will assist with reducing accidents however can not eliminate the risk completely. All members must be aware of this when joining.



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